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Suits & Blazers

Suits and Blazers

Carl Gross Suits, a high-end suit brand, established in 1962, is one of Europe’s most important leading men’s fashion labels, offering high-quality suits using exceptional cloth. The menswear brand is owned by German mainstream clothing giant Création Gross – a debt-free, family-run operation with a global turnover of €45m (£37m).

Men look their best in the stylish cuts, fine fabrics and modern silhouettes. Originally founded in 1925, Carl Gross are experts in crafting unique jackets and suits, and the blackline range is known for quality and fine cuts.

Carl Gross suits and blazers are sourced from the finest Italian Mills, Barberis, Reda, Marzotto, Guabello and Cerruti form the backbone of the latest collection and are combined with a meticulous attention to detail. AMF stitching, side slit finishing and the traditional Italian waistband finish will all be found on these beautiful garments.

A Carl Gross suit makes a strong statement through masculine elegance and perfect fit. A brand to be worn both in a business setting but also after hours. These suits can be mix and matched, leading to variety and ease of wear.

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