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M|5 by MEYER

M|5 MEYER, Five Pocket trousers. No other type of trouser is as well established. What counts is that they fit but the look has to be right too. For M|5 we have designed three ideal fits – Regular, Slim and Super Slim – all available in an unusually wide range of sizes. The stretch fabrics used form the ideal basis for the line’s modern image and the round waistband ensures the perfect fit around the waist.

High-quality materials combined with choice ingredients. MEYER places great value on high quality – be it fabrics, production or design. M/5 Meyer trousers come in cotton and denim, from clean to used. The special effects used on the denims are applied by hand and make each pair of jeans completely unique.

It often takes something unusual to impress. After all, new challenges can only be overcome by being more than just average. M|5 MEYER look. Fresh design, innovative features and sustainably produced by MEYER, the specialist in men’s trousers – for the past 50 years.

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