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Using the finest quality cloth, m.e.n.s. trousers have been around for over 100 years and are a manufacturer of denim, cotton and city trousers for the discerning gentleman. Each year they launch five new collections to specialist retailers such as First For Men bringing the latest trends to your wardrobe.

Founded in 1901 in Hanover, Germany, Heinecke & Klaproth is the company behind the m.e.n.s. clothing brand that is known all over the world. As the original inventor of the stretch-waist trouser the brand was first known as Mobil Elasto and set the standard for great looking trousers that were comfortable to wear.

In 2004, the company decided to rebrand the business to “mobil elasto new style” and so m.e.n.s. was born. Using 100% weft-stretch fabrics, the brand continues to produce contemporary trousers which follow the latest trends and styles. If you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish trouser for everyday wear then you will love the cotton, city and denim styles available from m.e.n.s.

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