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  • Belika knitwear is designed for life – tasteful and timeless, masculine and relaxed
  • A knitwear that uses the unique qualities of wool and the great durability of synthetic fibres
  • Belika is knitwear that you do not have to be afraid to use – knitwear that is suitable for an active lifestyle

The precious story of Belika began some eighty years ago inspired by passion and honest craftsmanship. There is a secret behind the good quality of Belika products. The knitwear has to go through a huge number of quality assurance tests. Only the products that achieve the highest grades in all the tests end up with the customer.

It is one thing to create perfect knitwear the first time, but quite another to achieve the same great results in the same product year after year. Every day, a team of dedicated specialists who have a passion for knitwear make sure that Belika knitwear always maintains the same high quality and fine craftsmanship.

Belika’s history starts in 1933 with the passionate entrepreneur Ole Vestergaard-Poulsen.  Vestergaard-Poulsen’s knitwear became part of the major industrial progress that took place in the area around Ikast during this period, and Vestergaard-Poulsen’s great passion for finding new, exciting materials and combining them with the right design quickly resulted in success for the company, particularly within casual knitwear for leisure life.

In 2015, the company became a part of the Clipper house. The Vestergaard-Poulsen family’s passion for knitwear lives on in Belika today.

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