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Cotton trousers are a key piece for both business and pleasure. They are modern, easy to care for and feel comfortable on the skin. Thanks to the characteristic elastic Meyer waistband and the addition of elastane, they are incredibly comfortable. They come in a wide range of styles and shapes, from lightweight summer trousers and Bermudas to classic jeans. The special thing about MEYER cotton trousers is the finishing of the fabrics in their own laundry facility, whether plain, patterned, double-dyed or faded cotton. MEYER cotton trousers are enhanced with environmentally safe additives only. They take their responsibility to the environment seriously by having our own laundry facility with an integrated water treatment plant.


Cotton trousers for men typically come in classic colours such as black, grey or blue. However warm colours such as brown, bordeaux and mustard are becoming increasingly popular. Discreet colours are ideal for work and can easily be combined with a blazer or sports jacket. With regard to different fittings, cotton trousers come in a wide variety. Meyer offer a wide selection for any occasion in our online shop – from trendy jeans and classic business trousers to casual chinos.

Depending on the design, these trousers can create a sporty or elegant vibe. While straight cotton trousers are a great choice for festive occasions, loose and figure-skimming trousers or vintage-style jeans are perfect for a more casual look.

The “Regular Fit” comes in a straight leg, with a modern silhouette, regular-rise waist and regular hem width of 40 cm.

The “Perfect fit” (Italian Fit)  inspires with the slim yet comfortable silhouette, perfect for fashion-conscious men. The bottom width measurement is 38 cm.

The “Slim Fit” (Modern Fit) has a slightly slimmer silhouette, regular-rise waist and bottom hem width of 36 cm.

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