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PARIS Comfort Fit 9620


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PARIS Comfort Fit 9620 Trousers

60% Wool, 38% Polyester, 2% elastic, 290g

Classic pleated trouser with turn ups

Belt included

Bottom width: 16.5in/42cm

Additional information

m.e.n.s. Size

23 Short W85cm IL76cm, 24 Short W89cm IL78cm, 24.5 Short W91cm IL75cm, 25 Short W93cm IL79cm, 25.5 Short W95cm IL76cm, 26 Short W97cm IL80cm, 26.5 Short W99cm IL77cm, 27 Short W101cm IL81cm, 27.5 Short W103cm IL78cm, 28 Short W105cm IL82cm, 28.5 Short W107cm IL79cm, 29 Short W111cm IL83cm, 29.5 Short W113cm IL80cm, 30 Short W117cm IL84cm, 30.5 Short W119cm IL81cm, 31 Short W123cm IL84cm, 31.5 Short W125cm IL81cm, 32 Short W129cm IL85cm, 33 Short W135cm IL85cm, 34 Short W141cm IL86cm, 35 Short W147cm IL86cm, 48 Reg W85cm IL82cm, 50 Reg W89cm IL83cm, 51 Portly W104cm IL76cm, 52 Reg W93cm IL84cm, 53 Portly W109cm IL77cm, 54 Reg W97cm IL85cm, 55 Portly W114cm IL78cm, 56 Reg W103cm IL86cm, 57 Portly W119cm IL79cm, 58 Reg W109cm IL87cm, 59 Portly W124cm IL80cm, 60 Reg W115cm IL88cm, 61 Portly W129cm IL81cm, 62 Reg W121cm IL88cm, 63 Portly W134cm IL82cm, 65 Portly W139cm IL83cm, 67 Portly W144cm IL84cm


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