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Glenmuir is a clothing brand that has been at the heart of the game of golf ever since its beginnings in 1891. Whilst Glenmuir’s passion is inspired by its rich legacy and heritage of creating the finest Scottish golfwear with impeccable care, skill and dedication to the craft, the brand continues to develop, innovate and embrace contemporary trends.

A thoroughly Scottish brand, Glenmuir is proud to be associated with producing the finest golfwear which has been worn by some of the greatest names in the game. Innovation and forward thinking continue to be a key part in the development of the brand and Glenmuir embraces contemporary trends which help to further enhance their product range.

From professionals to amateurs, you’ll find people wearing Glenmuir clothing on golf courses all around the world. Featuring lambswool, merino, cashmere and cotton, Glenmuir’s golfwear is made from the finest materials which helps to ensure they are functional while still being incredibly stylish. Their clothing has been worn by champions at Augusta, winners of the Claret Jug, gladiators of the Ryder Cup and winners of countless PGA tour championships.

Glenmuir clothing brings generations together with a shared love for the game of golf with clothing that embodies this spirit. View the full range of products below and order online for delivery in 7 to 10 days in the UK.

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